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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Finally after a years delay, next month we’re getting to play an Olympic Game since London 2012 ruined our control pads.

These games are always fun, competitive & with 18 events (less than previous) they are making up for it with a diverse selection to challenge us, here are the events…

. 100m

. 4x100m Relay

. 110m Hurdles

. Hammer Throw

. Long Jump

. Baseball

. Basketball

. Beach Volleyball

. BMX (Cycling)

. Boxing

. Judo

. Rugby

. Football

. 100m Freestyle (Swimming)

. 200m Individual Medley (Swimming)

. Sport Climbing

. Table Tennis

. Tennis

Lots of these games will be played with heats making them each like tournaments, battling your way to the finals!

With an expansive character creator, 2 player couch play & online up to 8 players with ranked games, it’s good to see the Olympic games coming back to consoles!

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be realeased on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Stadia & PC June 22.

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